Painting Services (Exterior and Interior)

Whether it’s your office or home that is need of a transformation, you can rely on Garcia’s Custom Painting to give your space a whole different feel. The job will be done quick, clean, and easy. Whether it is the exterior or interior of a site, we can do it. Our team of professional painters will get the task done at a favorable price. Don’t wait any longer, contact Garcia’s Custom Painting. With us, you are in good hands!



Are you looking for qualified carpenters with many years of experience? Garcia’s Custom Painting is your ideal solution! We provide carpentry services for both interior and exterior projects, specializing in wood installations & repairs, cabinets, countertops, framing and all kinds of wood furnishing. Our trained and competent carpenters are fully licensed, insured, and have been in the business for several years. We will not finish your project until you are completely satisfied. Contact us today and receive a free estimate from one of our specialists!



Siding is of maximum priority for any home. Not only adding on to a more proper appearance to your home, but as well, beneficial. It protects your home from any type of drastic weather and it gives your home an extra curb appeal. We only offer the best products in the market and fix woodsiding, contact Garcia’s Custom Painting today!



From interior walls to ceilings, you can count on us to properly execute drywall tasks. Here at Garcia’s Custom Painting we know the importance of getting the job well done the first time around. We offer the service of drywall, and ensure it to be long lasting and effective. Our team will not leave the site until the customer is fully pleased with the work at hand.



We offer high quality texture for both residential and commercial use. Our highly skilled painters work hard to always deliver gratifying results to our customers by applying a one of a kind texture painting to the site of your choice. We work hand in hand with our customers to always verify that we achieve the result that our customer had dreamt of.



Tired of pulling up into the same bring and dull driveway? With over 13 years of experience, Garcia’s Custom Painting can give you the dream driveway that you have been yearning for at a favorable price. In no time, after our team is finished building your driveway, every day that you come home, you will be pulling up in style!


Wallpaper Removal

With over 13 years of experience, wallpaper removal with Garcia’s Custom Painting, it is a walk in the park. For some, just the thought of wallpaper removal is stressful because they know how messy it can be. But for us, it’s quick and easy! No other company can guarantee a job properly done, with 100% customer contentment like we can.


Power Washing

Power washing is the ultimate solution to get any area in your home properly cleansed- - and fast! To get rid of any unnecessary filth, contact our team at Garcia’s Custom Painting, we will leave the premise looking spot on. You will be so satisfied with the results that you won’t ever consider anyone else sufficient to get the job done.


Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning can be a stressful and disgusting task to complete by one’s self. Don’t stress it though, you can rely on Garcia’s Custom Painting to get our hands dirty for you, and get the task done fast and effectively. We will have our team arrive on time, and they will complete the task at hand like no one else can.

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