Paint Removal: The first step in the painting process

Homeowners need to understand that appropriate preparation is the main stage when performing a big painting project. If your old paint is peeling or chalking, know that a professional painting contractor must be contacted immediately to start with the paint removal process. The first thing that needs to be considered before any new coat of paint is applied to your surface is stripping paint.

The best techniques for stripping paint rely on the surface material and the kind of paint used. One of the most popular and expensive methods is sandblasting - approach to remove paint from metal, concrete and other tough surfaces. You can always search out different methods of stripping paint, and try out an isolated area before you start work to ensure you're not going to cause severe loss.

When removing paint from home exteriors, power washing is the ideal way of removing paint. A power washer sprays water at high pressure and is an outstanding system of removing paint from wood, masonry, and concrete exteriors. If you are renting a pressure washer and don’t have experience using it, be extra careful. Many rookie homeowners have caused noteworthy damage to their wood or other materials because they didn't know how potent a pressure washer can be. The best idea in these cases is to hire a professional to do the job effectively and without causing any damage.

Remember that safety always comes first. Cover your body with full length clothes and put on thick rubber gloves to protect your hands where most splashing happens. If you're worried with the dangers of paint removal, contact Garcia’s Custom Painting and one of our professionals will be happy to assist you. They have the expertise and the equipment to take care of your project efficiently and within your budget.

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